Celebrating Maori Language Week 2017


11 September – 17 September 2017

Te Reo Tautoko 
Toku Reo Toku Hari!  Toku Reo Toku Mana!
My language makes me happy! My language is who I am!

Let’s celebrate Maori Language Week 2017 by:

  • Greeting everybody in Maori
  • Saying “Kia ora!” when answering the phone
  • Saying the name of your town in Maori and learning what it means
  • Using Maori numbers when communicating prices and phone numbers
  • Learning and singing He Raranga Tamariki:

«Kei hea toku kāinga?»

Kei hea te taniwha? – Kei te moana te taniwha!

Where is the taniwha? – The taniwha is in the sea!

Kei hea te moa? – Kei te whenua te moa!

Where is the moa? – The moa is on the land!

Kei hea te manu? – Kei te raki te manu!

Where is the bird? – The bird is in the sky!

Kei hea ahau? – Kei te kāinga ahau!

Where am I? – I am at home!

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