Celebrating Maori Language Week 2022

Toku Reo Toku Hari! Toku Reo Toku Mana! My language makes me happy! My language is who I am!

He Papa-Whakataetae mō Ngā Wāhi Māori
Aotearoa Road Trip Board Game

Take your students, co-workers or family on a road trip around Aotearoa. On the journey they will learn to recognise and name twenty well known New Zealand towns and cities in Te Reo Māori.

This board game was designed with educators in mind, combining language, geography and strategic thinking in a fun and interactive way.

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Te Reo Māori Beginners' Starter Kit

Maori Language WeekCelebrate the Māori Language by learning and using Te Reo Māori in your classroom. Teach your students how to:

  • greet people
  • describe things using colours and shapes
  • count and use numbers

...in a fun and interactive way.

Introducing the: 'Māori Language Beginners' Starter Kit'

This starter kits contains games and activities to assist you to introduce and reinforce Te Reo Māori basics, designed to engage the whole class or for work in small groups and pairs.

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Teachers’ Classroom Resources

Teachers’ Classroom Resources

  • Develop more effective and enjoyable learning experiences for your students
  • Put an end to hours spent making your own resources.
  • Easy step-by-step learning process for your students.
  • Target all three modes of learning: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
  • Latest interactive board resources.

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Resources for Language Learners

Resources for Language Learners

  • Supplement and reinforce class room learning
  • Step-by-step learning process for self - learners
  • Focuses on your key learning abilities
  • Ideal for parents of primary school language beginners
  • Provides the best way to learn the target material

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Language students learn faster in a fun and sociable environment

Language students learn faster in a fun and sociable environment

Playing language games provides the necessary social interaction which is important for second language learners. It not only helps develop conversational skills but also helps build confidence in speaking a foreign language.

Designed for individual or classroom use

The language games are specially designed for teachers to use in the classroom and in small group situations. They are also ideal for beginner language students to use individually and at home, to speed up the learning process and consolidate knowledge.

MP3 sound track and additional resources

Each language game comes with an MP3 sound track and additional FREE teaching and learning aids to accelerate learning.

When you purchase one of our products you can download a selection of additional resources from the product log-in area of our site - at no extra cost. Exceptional learning value that you won't find with any other language games of this quality.

Luna Quest - Maori Colours & Shapes Board Game

Luna Quest - Maori Colours & Shapes Board Game Join Buratino the Lunarnaut on his quest and discover the most effective and fun way to learn and use colour and shape words and phrases in Maori. Find out more

Russian Alphabet Cards - with Sound Track

Russian Alphabet Cards -  with Sound Track Flash Cards are a tried and true way to accelerate learning. Using them in interactive games and as study prompts enhances learning and memory. Find out more