Celebrating Maori Language Week 2022

Toku Reo Toku Hari! Toku Reo Toku Mana! My language makes me happy! My language is who I am! read more

Ngā mihi mo te Matariki

Matariki – the Maori New Year began on 6 June For more information please refer to the following link: http://www.mch.govt.nz/nz-identity-heritage/matariki read more

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New resource for Maori Language Week 2014

He Pukapuka Mō Ngā Wāhi Māori Aotearoa Travel Diary Celebrate Maori Language Week 2014 by expanding your knowledge of place names in Te Reo Māori. Aotearoa Travel Diary takes you on a journey to discover the Maori legends behind the names of 30 places of interest around New Zealand. An interactive feature allows you to […] read more

The Joy of Learning Te Reo

That little smile of acknowledgement from a native speaker is often all that it takes to reinforce the joy of learning a language. And, this can happen at the most unexpected of occasions. Having never visited Kohimarama in Auckland, I only knew how to pronounce the place name from my study of Te Reo. I […] read more

The Maori Language. How Names Should be Pronounced

"Before the Maori words were reduced to written forms, they were only spoken sounds, and the letters used by English-speaking people were selected to give them the truest representation possible..." wrote William Roberts in 1903. This post reproduces his article on Maori pronunciation written during his life in the South Island from 1855. read more

Ideas & Resources for Māori Language Week

Māori Language Week 2013 Games and Resources He Papa-Whakataetae mō Ngā Wāhi Māori: Aotearoa Road Trip Take your students, co-workers or family on a road trip around Aotearoa. On the journey they will learn to recognise and name twenty well known Aotearoa / New Zealand towns and cities in Te Reo Māori. Aotearoa Road Trip Board […] read more

The Secret to Pronouncing Māori Place Names

"…it is my endeavour to add a little more light in order that this vexed question of (Maori) pronunciation may be overcome." wrote Henry Apatari in 1912. "Needless to say the secret of it all depends entirely on... read more

Pronunciation of Maori Names – a lesson from 1898

Pronunciation of Maori Names – a lesson from 1898

In 1898 a paper was read to the Hawera branch of the Teachers' Institute urging that Maori pronunciation should be systematically taught in public schools. Over 100 years later, can we take up the lessons from the past? read more

How to Reinforce Number Usage and Comprehension

How to Reinforce Number Usage and Comprehension

Occasionally we hear some teachers say that they have ‘done numbers’ with their students. Whether a student is learning Maori, learning to speak English, Spanish, French – or any language  – if they are not constantly using a language, then they will soon forget key principles. Even the basics can be easily forgotten if not […] read more