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Aotearoa Road Trip Game of Maori Place NamesMāori Language Week 2013 Games and Resources

He Papa-Whakataetae mō Ngā Wāhi Māori: Aotearoa Road Trip

Take your students, co-workers or family on a road trip around Aotearoa. On the journey they will learn to recognise and name twenty well known Aotearoa / New Zealand towns and cities in Te Reo Māori.


Free PDF Download: Public Signs in Te Reo Māori

Free Lesson Plan – Working with Numbers in Te Reo Māori

This lesson plan is designed to be used in conjunction with Buratino’s Māori Number Cards and will help learners to master the use of Māori numbers out of sequence.

Free PDF Download: Everyday Food Items in Māori

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Ngā Ingoa o Aotearoa: an oral dictionary of Māori placenames

Recorded in 1984-94, the speakers are 132 elders and experts from each area. The names are in 177 tracks corresponding to “zones” (regions) of New Zealand, in alphabetical order on each track.

There are approximately 10,200 names!

100 Māori words every New Zealander should know

Kōrero Māori Placenames Map

Map with NZ place names in Māori and English, click on each to hear the pronunciation:

Whakahuatange o te reo Māori: Māori Language Pronunciation

Maori Pronounciation guide produced by University of Otago. Listen to various spoken sounds (sound quality not good)

Learn how to pronounce Māori

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