Luna Quest: Russian Colours & Shapes Games Kit

The fun and fast way to learn colour and shapes in Russian

Join Buratino the Lunarnaut on his quest and discover the most effective and fun way to learn and use colour and shape words and phrases in Russian.

Designed to work on every aspect of mastering a language:

• listening comprehension
• reading comprehension
• memory skills
• speaking using the learnt words

Luna Quest is a selection of language games and activities which you download, print, assemble and play. They provide Russian language teachers and students with all the tools to teach or learn colour and shape words in an interactive way:

• MP3 sound track
• colour and shape flashcards (PDF)
• playing board (PDF of 4 x A4 sheets)
• die, spinner and counters (PDF)
• games descriptions and rules (PDF)
• language guide with embedded sound (PDF)
• assembly instructions movie

Choose the level you want to play

From beginners to intermediate, you choose the level of the games you are playing. Increase the level of difficulty with every round.

 The set is also great for parents and children to use to fill in the day with fun and educational activities –  from printing out the pdfs and assembling the games, to playing them.

The kit will be sent to you by email in a zip file which you download, print, assemble and play. You will need Acrobat Reader and a colour printer.

NZ $14.95 per Downloadable Games Kit