Russian Alphabet Cards – with sound track

Play games and learn the Russian alphabet at the same time!

Flash Cards are a tried and true way to accelerate learning. Using them in interactive games and as study prompts enhances learning and memory.

Combined with the Russian Number Game Cards, they are essential learning tool for beginners, and great revision tool for more advanced students.


  • Capital and lower case pairs, vowels featured in blue.
  • Handwritten letter pairs with a handy writing guide.
  • 33 cards per set plus game instruction card.
  • Downloadable MP3 sound track featuring native Russian speakers.
  • Heaps of additional resources

Play games and learn the alphabet at the same time – printed and handwritten. You’ll easily recognise the vowels – they’re the ones printed in blue.

Download the alphabet sound file from our website and practice your pronunciation. Use in combination with the alphabet chart to become familiar with each letter’s shape and sound.

Use the game instruction card in each pack to play individual or group games – you’ll be amazed how much you learn without even realising it.

Cards are numbered so you will learn the alphabetical order. Handy size too, 72 mm x 105mm – ideal for using in class or individually.

Use the Practice Writing Sheets from the product log-in page to familiarise yourself with the Russian script.

$13.50 per set, excluding delivery.
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