Buratino’s Russian language art games and activities are designed specifically to enhance Russian language learning. The best language learning experience comes when students are engaged. Buratino’s Russian language games are not only fun to use, but provide necessary social interaction, forcing students to think and speak in Russian – which builds confidence when listening and speaking in Russian.

Russian language arts games assist students to improve their ability to read and write in russian, to recognise letters in the cyrillic alphabet, to count in Russian and recognise written numbers, colours and shapes. The are excellent revision tools, as well as being ideally suited to classroom use.

Luna Quest: Russian Colours & Shapes Games Kit
Join Buratino the Lunarnaut on his quest and discover the most effective and fun way to learn and use colour and shape words and phrases in Russian.
NZ $14.95
Russian Alphabet Cards – with sound track
Flash Cards are a tried and true way to accelerate learning. Using them in interactive games and as study prompts enhances learning and memory. Play games and learn the Cyrillic alphabet at the same time – printed and handwritten.
NZ $13.50
Russian Number Card Games – with sound track
Learning to count is not as difficult as you might think. Our Russian Numbers Card Games have been specifically created to help language learners become fluent in using Russian numbers in everyday situations. Play games and learn Russian numbers at the same time!
NZ $13.50